osCommerce (or open source Commerce) is one of the first PHP-based  e-commerce and online store-management software programs. It can be used on any web server that has PHP and MySQL installed.

Our Services

PennyWise provides osCommerce based storefront and e-commerce development. In addition to customizing your existing e-Commerce store based on this platform, PennyWise can build an entirely new storefront using osCommerce.

Our services include:

  • osCommerce installation and maintenance
  • Customization & configuration
  • Design & CSS
  • Third party add-on integration
  • Shipment tracking integration
  • Payment gateway integration

The Benefit to Clients

With over 7,000 free add-ons, the osCommerce platform allows for easy customization of your online storefront. From a rich product catalog front-end to an extensive administration tool back-end, osCommerce provides a wide range of features to handle your products, customers and orders.