Company profile

Our client manufactures one of the world’s leading surface cleaning brands. The brand's lineup includes products for bathroom and toilet cleaning, glass and surface cleaners, floor cleaners and polishes, kitchen cleaners and degreasers and more.


With the proliferation of multiple devices, our client required a website to effectively showcase the features and effectiveness of the product. Depending on the screen size, the website had to present the appropriate layout in order to maximize readability and ease of use for a prospective consumer.


PennyWise Solutions developed website in multiple languages targeted towards customers across geographies. The product website was built using principles of responsive design and leveraging the capabilities of HTML5 and CSS3. Images of different dimensions were appropriately loaded depending on the device screen parameters. Moreover, complex menu elements were created for consumers to easily navigate between different sections of the website regardless of device screen size.


  • Responsive design.
  • Loading images with different dimensions for mobile and web.
  • Slider popup functionality.


  • Website works across devices and browsers without any issue.
  • Easy navigation for devices with small screen sizes.
  • Single HTML5 and CSS3 standards based code that enables maintenance and updates with minimal effort.

Products and services used

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • jQuery