Company profile

Our client is one of the largest telecom companies in India with over a hundred million customers.


The client needed an end-user facing website that can be used to showcase engaging and informative content. A robust CMS platform was envisaged to display information regarding the latest plans, offers and content for customers. The company needed a technology provider who could develop the core enterprise content management system along with additional functionality so that the user experience remains seamless.


The enterprise content management system was built on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and subsequently migrated to SharePoint 2010. In addition to following Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 guidelines, the corporate website was designed to be user friendly and to provide the relevant circle specific content to users. A rigorous vulnerability analysis was carried out using proprietary and third party tools to ensure compliance with the strict internal security guidelines. To reliably protect enterprise data, disaster recovery solutions that continually sync data with the primary data center were deployed.


  • Implementing auto-suggest, listen, preview and activate across 6 lakh caller tunes.
  • Integrating with various legacy systems to provide seamless services to customers. For example, when customers raise a DND request online, a corresponding internal service request is to be automatically created.
  • Data exchange and integration with heterogeneous enterprise platforms.
  • Ensuring in short notice that the corporate website meets all telecom regulatory compliance requirements.
  • Deploying a completely secure load balanced system to handle heavy loads of web traffic.


  • All content updates on the website can be done without any dependency on the IT team.
  • Data on recharge denominations and caller tunes was made available via APIs for third party consumption.
  • Significant numbers of caller tunes activated every month via the website.
  • Customers could visit the website for information, shop for products and services and access their account related information.
  • The website features in the top 3 organic web results for highly sought after keywords related to the telecom domain.

Products and services used

  • Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2010
  • C#
  • SQL server 2008
  • Search engine optimization
  • Facebook apps for the social pages