Mobile Banking Management Information System Case Study

Company profile

This BI system was developed for one of the upcoming mobile banking operators in India with over a million registered users.


Before the deployment of the system, KPI reports were prepared using data from multiple Excel files. There was a good amount of master data that was maintained manually and used along with system generated data to create the reports. The entire process was carried out manually, which was both labour intensive and error prone. The client required a reporting system that gets data from the mobile banking system on a daily basis in the form of flat files. Moreover, there was a huge volume of records (upwards of 60 million) that needed to be processed on a daily basis.


  • PennyWise assisted in creating an automated solution for report generation for the mobile banking system.
  • Developed complex ETL (Extraction Transformation Load) scripts to load existing data from various sources.
  • Created a dimensional model that is used by the reporting system.
  • Created a framework to handle the failures and re-runnable jobs on a daily basis.
  • Created a self-serve environment where users can login and run the reports.
  • Key reports are mailed on a daily basis to important stakeholders.
  • Summary reports are created on a monthly basis across regions and users.


  • Huge amount of transactional data was being generated by the mobile banking server.
  • Multiple data sources with different data formats.
  • Complicated business rules with no documentation available.
  • Very short duration to build as fully functional system.
  • Daily data processing of upto 7 GB.
  • Multiple reports generated on a daily basis for different geographies and for different user roles and are persisted and maintained for a year.


  • KPI Reporting of the mobile banking system done using the BI system built by PennyWise.
  • No manual aggregation of multiple Excel files was required on a daily basis. Consequently, manual errors have been eliminated from the process as the application applies business rules uniformly across all data sources.
  • Data, which was earlier only in disparate excel sheets, is now collated in a single source and is available for running reports.
  • The system processes over 60 million records on a daily basis.
  • Notifications and audit checks in place which will intimate about the health of the system.

Products and services used

  • Framework: MS BI
  • Database: MS SQL Server
  • Source: Excel files and flat file data