A public journalism service aimed at telling stories of agriculture.


Indian agriculture is the largest industry in India, providing employment to over 40% of the population. However, according to Aarthi Ramachandran, co-founder of ThePlate, “Never in the field of Indian journalism was so little written about a business so vital to sustaining life.” So with the intent of connecting readers to their food in a way that would encourage conversation and empathy for the producer, ThePlate was conceptualized as an online public journalism platform for the Indian youth


Farm to ThePlate.

ThePlate’s philosophy rooted in the need to ground ourselves and become active participants in the “farm to plate” chain, inspired a brand identity composed of the elements important to agriculture. The simple composition of the layered elements from ground to sky was influenced by the abstract Rothko paintings.

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A multitude of story formats designed for all types of readers.

In order to understand today’s youth, what impacts them and why they chose what they choose, the team performed qualitative and quantitative research. Based on the insights, to ensure accessibility to all, a mobile first approach was adopted for ThePlate’s website.

The interviews also revealed that the readers often catch-up with news during break times and prefer short form content with creative audio-visual narratives and infographics. So, the team at Pennywise focused their efforts to design a simplified information model for the average urban reader. Various story formats were designed individually with the intent to make them as compelling and lucid as possible for both, people looking for short-reads and those looking for research material. These formats were grouped primarily across 3 categories: read (short news highlights, long textual articles, explainers and timelines), watch (short videos, long documentaries and grouped playlists) and listen (podcasts and playlists). They were also classified across 7 verticals such as Farm, Food, Science, Technology, People, Business, and Explainer, each with its own landing page for easy discovery and targeted reading.


The design approach was based on the atomic design system. Each page consisted of a combination of separately designed sections to provide relevant information. Additionally, a large part of the focus was awarded to content prioritization through effective typography on every end-content page because of the journalistic nature of the platform.
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Good typography can help your reader devote less attention to the mechanics of reading and more attention to your message.

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Although the Pennywise team adopted a mobile-first approach, we designed a responsive website for the desktop as well, giving readers the choice to select a device based on their reading purpose. The deliverables of this comprehensive project included a brand identity, primary user research, detailed information model, elaborate wireframes and clickable prototypes, followed by the brand expression, and clickable visual design templates.

Recent work

Our team has designed hundreds of innovative digital experiences, websites and mobile apps across verticals.


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