An AI-based decision aid platform for professionals to evaluate soft skills and recharge their careers


MayaMaya is a gamified evaluation tool for growth-driven professionals. You can build and share your ultimate resume through scenario-based quizzes, detailed soft skill results, and personalised course suggestions.


We aimed to create a highly rewarding gamified experience for young growth-driven professionals.

In order to encapsulate the essence of the vision as precisely as possible, we laid out the brand persona which was that of a sophisticated top management employee. By breaking down the app by the specific functionalities, we constructed the Information Architecture and Wireframes; to understand how and where skill cards will be most effective. This method allowed us to define how the app would be useful for every key stakeholder: intern, professional, hr/compliance and businesses. We then proceeded to define the visual design language and system as neomorphic and skeuomorphic.

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A gamified and interactive way up the professional ladder

Based on responses, users are given a list of course suggestions and course providers to upskill their resumes. Professionals are able to create a complete digital profile for prospective and current employers making them highly valuable employees. Features like sharable pdf with complete skill evaluation and attached resume make the experience efficient and reliable.


Gamifying AI-based quizzes and providing crisp data visualizations to make the user experience highly engaging and rewarding.
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An employee's aptitude is rated across four vectors, namely, Spirit, Profession, Purpose, and Reward.

Organizations are using gamification to drive employee engagement



The deliverables of this User Experience Design project were spread across various capabilities. Starting with a business ambition workshop, a set of clear and concise resources was delivered including a high-level sitemap, user and task flows, high-level wireframes, clickable prototypes and an extensive design system.

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Our team has designed hundreds of innovative digital experiences, websites and mobile apps across verticals.

Srishti Collective 2020

Srishti Manipal Institute of Art, Design and Technology wanted to create a digital showcase where the students display or stream their projects for a wide audience.

Srishti collective

Mira Mira

MiraMira is a patent pending AI powered decision-aid platform for young adults and adults like you. Decide an ideal path for your education and your career. With MiraMira you can rediscover yourself, compare options, choose what is right and fulfill your dreams.

Mira Mira
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