A one-stop-shop for India’s laundry needs.


LaundryMate is a one stop laundry solution for those too busy to perform mundane chores. With a mission to simplify the wash, rinse, hang, dry, fold, send out for ironing and chase the dhobi routine, LaundryMate seeked to disrupt the Indian laundry scene.


Immersive hybrid workshops with the founders helped identify user’s needs and laundry-centric behaviour to align it with the brand’s vision and mission.

In order to precisely capture and convey the brand’s promise, the team researched about the company and defined an extensive set of positioning principles. A new vibrant and youthful identity was thus crafted based on the principle of ‘pareidolia’ using the letters ‘L’ & ‘M’ of LaundryMate.This research also shone light on the stages of the existing traditional dhobi service. Thus the aim was to create a highly compelling and cohesive experience, keeping in mind the pre-existing Indian way of washing clothes.

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Allowing the users to customise their experience based on their laundry habits.

To create an efficient and accurate laundry experience, we designed a thorough module for order placement, starting with an extensive discovery method with 4 Services (wash+fold, wash+iron, steam iron, dry clean) accross 4 Categories (men, women, kids, household), and a Laundry List of 100s of items. Additionally, to accommodate for the Indian households, the app also has “add-on” features with customised treatments like packaging options and starch.

Lastly, components like ClubUltimate, a paid membership program based on the frequency of service, exclusive perks and offers, 24hrs delivery and easy pickups with associate sorting and bundling, were used to facilitate the overall service experience.


We designed the app and the adaptive website to appeal to the value centric customer on all devices.
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The design approach was based on a card system. Each page comprised of a combination of separately designed cards to provide relevant information.

Good design is not about individual pages but rather systems of components adaptable to all devices.



An end-to-end solution with a user facing mobile app, a user facing web app, a static corporate website and an associate app. The deliverables of this comprehensive project included a detailed sitemap, user and task flows, elaeborate wireframes and clickable prototypes, followed by the brand expression, clickable visual design templates, and a complete design system.

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