A Decision Aid Tool For Students To Choose Courses & Careers Wisely


Mira Mira is a mobile app that seeks to uncover the latent interests and aptitude of a student through a series of interactive quizzes. Students are guided towards courses and colleges that best serve these interests based on four life vectors viz. Spirit, Profession, Purpose, and Reward. AI based algorithms are subsequently used to recommend the ideal courses for students. Students can also converse with their counsellors via the Mira Mira app..


Well begun is half done. A good user research was key to simplifying a complex journey.

Starting with a business ambition and vision, we moved to an in-depth user research and qualitative interviews to understand our user's needs better. Empathy for the students navigating the complex journey of making career choices helped clarify the design significantly. The process of taking quizzes had to then be made interactive and fun to drive engagement and loyalty.

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Scenario-based quizzes are gamified and interactive

Based on the responses to the gamified quizzes, the student's aptitude is rated across four vectors of Spirit, Profession, Purpose, and Reward, based on a Japanese notion and a sense of purpose. The findings show the student's position on these vector axes and provide a general notion of their aptitude. Apart from shortlisting or pinning courses and universities, students can also engage with their counselors for further guidance.


Artiificial intelligence based solutions can be made more accessible and useful withh human centred design
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Based on the responses to a series of quizzes, students are provided with relevant courses across universities. This leads to the best choice of courses for the student's ability.

Gamification drives engagement and improves task completion



As a design project, the deliverables spanned across services such as business ambition workshop; sitemap and navigation; task flows and wireframes; prototypes; and visual design. Separate back office portals were also designed for key stakeholders such as administrators and student counselors.

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