6 Ways to Deliver World-class Digital Shopping Experiences at Scale
16Oct 2020

6 Ways to Deliver World-class Digital Shopping Experiences at Scale

How To Build Winning Digital Commerce Experiences

Digital commerce is here to stay. As per Statista, the global retail e-commerce sales touched $3.53 trillion in 2019, and the share of E-commerce in total sales is bound to increase to as much as 22% by 2023. There are three key implications that these statistics throw up:

  • The preference for digital shopping is picking up steadily
  • Businesses stand to gain massively out of having a digital presence
  • The online space will be a new battleground for brands to fight it out

But what goes behind delivering a world-class digital shopping experience? The following six points can act as a guide:

  1. Projection Mapped E-stores

Having an e-store has become a necessity for brands today, however, most e-stores have a very simple format where they have their products listed, and the shopper can add items to a shopping cart and place an order. However, it is possible to create a more immersive experience by creating an E-store with projection mapping. This would display on screen the various products as if they would be laid out in a physical store. Thus, an online shopper would be able to virtually experience the feeling of shopping in a mall.

  1. Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics may not directly alter the digital shopping experience while the customer is on the website or e-store. But what it can do is enhance the post-order placement experience. For example, it can help you understand the type of products a specific person at a specific location is browsing. By obtaining inputs regarding multiple such users, you can determine the expected future demand of different products in specific locations and stock your inventories accordingly. Therefore, the delivery time for products can be significantly shortened, which means a better customer experience.

  1. Personalized Recommendations

The inputs from customer data can also be analysed through in-built algorithmic models through which the models generate various product recommendations to the customer depending on the identified interests of the customer. Not only does this make the customer have an improved experience, as he or she gets to look at such products that they are looking to buy, but it also increases the possibility of the customer making impulse purchases.

  1. Comparison Feature

One of the biggest advantages of digital shopping is that customers can compare the specifications of different products before making the purchase decision. As such, whether it is a company website, or app, or e-store, it is essential to include a feature which enables easy comparison of different products.

  1. Smartphone Compatibility

By 2021, sales from smartphone applications are expected to be 53% of total e-commerce sales. The growing preference for shopping from mobile devices highlights the importance of ensuring the mobile-compatibility of your website as well as having a well-designed smartphone application for your business.

  1. Chatbot Assistants

Often while shopping, a customer may feel the need to enquire about a product’s features, wish to be connected with a tech support executive, ask about a product’s delivery status, or place a complaint or replacement request. And at such times, customers have shown a preference to interact with AI-enabled chat-bots at least during the initial stages of such requests.

At PennyWise Solutions, we have demonstrated expertise in being able to successfully implement all the above features for our clients. Our Magento Commerce Cloud services enable businesses to help their e-commerce platforms reach customers in quick time through effective architecture planning and deployment on PaaS and IaaS environments. Not only do we facilitate seamless integration of such services within ERP and CRM systems, but we also have in-built features such as New Relic APM to help in monitoring application performance. For retail, transportation, and hospitality businesses, we also provide Sitecore Experience Commerce consulting services, which enable clients to use personalization features, manage content, orders, promotions, and customers in a centralized manner, and build custom modules for product-specific tax rules. If you are an enterprise looking to take your business to the next level, establishing a powerful digital presence is the key – and we at PennyWise know how to do it for you.



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I first worked with PennyWise on a build for an internal app to help us audit client production needs. They were able to take a crude spreadsheet we provided and turn it into an app which is not only functional, but user-friendly and nice looking as well, which is important for us in a business which has a large aesthetic component. We were so impressed with the response and value we got from them that we're also migrating projects formerly handled by internal developers to PennyWise.

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The team at PennyWise are professional, hard-working, and deliver a great product. We've hired them to do a variety of development projects and have always found the results to be great. Highly recommended.

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