Dashboards & Reporting

Organizations generate enormous amount of structured and unstructured data through their systems, transactions, internet interactions, customer care operations and other business processes. This data can be mined to generate highly targeted insights on business operations. However, most organizations are limited by their understanding of data and what can be done with it.

Our Services

We deliver analytics & dashboards comprising of the following:

  1. Big Data Analytics: Data mining through predictive modeling; sentiment analysis; text mining; and social media analytics.
  2. Reporting & Visualization: Developing custom reporting interfaces and dashboards; data visualization; deploying and setting up visualization tools like Tableau and Spotfire.
  3. Operations Support: Providing post-deployment support.

The Benefit to Clients

Dashboards and reporting tools help organizations / brands to:

  • understand their customer behavior better
  • arrive at strategies based on sound background information
  • reduce risk and improve decision-making by making the process fact-based rather than intuition-oriented
  • forecast organizational resources better
  • gather actionable insights on where and how to improve business results