Social Care

Our social care software helps you learn what your customers are saying about your brand or business and respond to them in a timely manner. 

Our Services

  1. Social Care Software Suite: The social care software suite comprises of the following components:
    1. Social Listening: The listening module provides a comprehensive list of features to gather and collect conversations from online sources in real-time. Using this software, you can plug-in to conversations on social networks; consumer review sites; social news and bookmarking portals; blogs and micro-blogs; and discussion forums. The software also supports manual insertion of data for sources which cannot be automatically captured.
    2. Social Response: You can use the tool to identify your brand advocates and promote their messages to your larger community. The software suite also helps you put in place an early warning system for negative conversations mentioning your brand so that you can take necessary actions in real time.
    3. Business Attribute Mapping: As social conversations are highly unstructured, it becomes difficult to subsequently derive business value and insights from your social media activities. Our proprietary tools combine advanced contextual mining techniques in Named Entity Recognition (NER) with the flexibility of humanly assigned tags to help classify social conversations under various levels such as business function, team / sub-team, brand, product, customer type, location and gender. We also leverage NLP techniques to automatically classify the sentiment of social media mentions.
    4. CRM Workflow: The software allows the tool to emulate an organization's hierarchy by supporting multiple user access and workflows. At each workflow stage, the organization can decide the users that need to be involved and their permissible actions like authoring, editing and approval.
    5. Dashboards & Reporting:  Our dashboards, charts and reports help you understand how your brand is perceived on social media.
  2. Social Command Center: Using our proprietary social listening and engagement tool, our highly experienced social media team will be the first point-of-contact for your online customers. The team will work with you to understand the right tone of voice for your brand and any SLA requirements around engagement timings. We help engage influential customers in quick time as well as respond immediately in case of any crisis surrounding your brand.

The Benefit to Clients

  1. Focus on your core competence and leave both monitoring and response to our experts. Alternately, you can use our social media tool within your organization and respond in real time to your community.
  2. Build an engaged community by showing how much your brand cares.
  3. Get a jumpstart on social without building a large social media team.
  4. Mitigate crisis by pro-actively listening, resolving and responding to your customers.
  5. Derive actionable insights from social conversations.
  6. Gain from the many years of experience that PennyWise has in this space and leverage our knowledge in designing the right social media strategy for your brand.