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Gear up for the holiday season: Tips to make your Digital Store crash-proof

The holiday season brings in hordes of people, which in turn affects your website’s performance and User Experience. Black Fridays are notorious for crashing websites and in 2018, merchants on a competing platform registered 699,923 sales every minute during peak traffic.

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What is the Impact of Business Intelligence on the Decision-Making Process?

Among the most difficult challenges faced by companies are slow decision-making processes.

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Reasons why you should invest in App Store Optimization (ASO) Strategy

What is ASO?

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Digital Experience in the Financial Industry: Why is it Important and How Can you Implement it

What does Digital Experience mean in the Financial Industry?

Digital experience in the financial Industry implies interactions between the financial institution and the consumer in a non-paper, non-physical manner.

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The Power of Data Visualization and how it can Work for your Brand

What is data visualization?

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What is Voice UI (VUI) and how to design it effectively?

What is Voice User Interface?

Voice interface design (VUI) is a tool that uses speech recognition technology to allow the users to engage with an application or electronic devices using voice commands.

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B2B eCommerce trends brands must focus on to flourish in 2021 and beyond

B2B eCommerce is changing rapidly in 2021. Over the last few years, and especially in the last year, the industry has seen exceptional growth. As we look into the future, several B2B eCommerce trends of 2021 focus on sustained growth in global B2B sales.

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How can brands improve their UX design for maximum conversion rate?

Every business that has a digital storefront will want to attract more customers, convert them and earn their loyalty. But most websites or apps fail in persuading visitors to become customers. This is where UX design plays a vital role.

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6 ways to harness the power of website personalization

Personalization – Are you ready to ace the game?

Personalization is the technique to harness digital technology, keeping the end-user at the core and serving up a game-changing experience based on specific customer insights.

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A Guide to create the perfect Marketing Automation Plan

Defining Marketing Automation

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Six Steps to Boost your Personalization Strategy

What is Personalization in Customer Experience?

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How can superior Customer Experience help Marketers ace Customer Acquisition

We are past the point where having an online presence for a business only meant setting up an informative website (and in recent times, a mobile

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Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends for 2021

When we talk about 2021, it is impossible to ignore the

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How Delivering 1:1 Personalized Experience Can Significantly Improve Conversion Rates

When it comes to marketing communication, the more closely the message relates to the target audience, the better would the brand connect be.

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How COVID-19 Is Transforming E-Commerce Globally

We are past the stage when COVID-19 forced people to stay back home for extended durations of the lockdown (at least to a large extent).

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E-commerce and ERP Integration

The 5 Things to Take Care

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6 Ways to Deliver World-class Digital Shopping Experiences at Scale

How To Build Winning Digital Commerce Experiences

Digital commerce is here to stay.

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4 Must-Haves for a Winning Customer Experience Strategy

Learn the key aspects of a great CX strategy


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Win the Customer Experience Race with the Power of Data and Analytics

Leverage the Power of Data and Analytics

Way back in 2016, a Forrester report concluded what was perhaps an easy guess -- 

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The Power of Personalization

Create Compelling Digital Experiences with Personalization to Improve Customer Loyalty

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Here’s Why Acquia Lift Must Be An Integral Part Of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

All You Need To Know About Acquia Lift As An Enterprise

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Migrating to Sitecore: Check These 10 Tips First

Here Are 10 Tips for Migrating to Sitecore

Migrating to a new CMS (Content Management System) is a complex and challenging task for various reasons.

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How Acquia Can Be Used to Create a Headless CMS Platform

Introducing Acquia Service for Building a Headless Content Management System (CMS)

An emerging trend in web-based programming is the use of Headless CMS technology as a shared content platform.

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How to Deliver a Personalized Web Experience with Acquia

Personalizing Customer Journeys With Acquia

Personalisation is not a destination but a journey. We live in a time where customers look forward to having a seamless online experience when they visit a website or a blog. This is especially true for e-commerce websites.

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Using Sitecore To Create A Headless CMS Platform

Headless CMS With Sitecore: A Seamless Experience

Since their inception, content management systems (CMS) have completely transformed the entire web content landscape. There was a time when CMS weas the primary instrument of managing websites which could be viewed only on desktops.

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Providing Customer Experiences with Acquia

Every customer’s needs are different from the other. They have different reasons to interact with your business such as buying a product, seeking information, resolving a problem, etc.

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Increase Your Customer Experience With Sitecore

Boost Your Marketing & Sales With Sitecore’s Experience Platform

Today, as a result of technological advancements in mobile development, people are increasingly spending the majority of their time in the online world.

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How Does Sitecore Cortex Leverage Machine Learning?

Sitecore Cortex: Bringing Your Customers The Most Contextual And Personalized Online Experience

The market is becoming increasingly cluttered, period.

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Making the Best of Sitecore Forms

The Multiple Facets Of Sitecore Forms

Website forms are a great way to collect relevant information about website users and understand their needs better. This also gives them information about their users that can be used in accurate places by the website's owner.

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AWS vs Azure vs GCP : The Best Cloud Platforms for the Enterprise

Comparing the Leading Cloud Platforms

The adoption of cloud computing has quickly become a key driving force for businesses today. Organisations are making the switch from self-hosted infrastructure to public cloud configurations.

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How Are React, Vue and Angular Different?

Vue, React and JS: A Comparison

Web development has come a long way from the days of HTML and CSS with the introduction of Javascript (JS).

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Accelerated Mobile Pages & its Benefits

Learn how Accelerated Mobile Pages can help optimize web pages for your mobile phone

According to a 2017 study conducted by SimiliarWeb, comparing the usage of mobile phones for web browsing to that of desktop, total online visits on mobile phones increased to 63% (as compared

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What is ecommerce and what are the different models (e.g. B2B, B2C) in it?

Learn how eCommerce can help your business

E-commerce or 'electronic commerce' is a sales transaction that takes place between a buyer and a seller online. For example, if you like to do your shopping online, you are actually doing business with e-commerce companies.

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What should you consider when adopting a Headless CMS?

Learn what every business must consider before adopting headless CMS technology

Are you looking for a Content Management System (CMS) that can use the same content across various channels including websites, mobile apps, virtual reality space, and more?

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Why should companies consider DXP?

Learn why you should care about Digital Experience Platforms

For several decades organisations have attempted to distinguish themselves by creating amazing products, using unique marketing strategies, and providing creative offers.

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PennyWise is a certified technology partner of the world's leading digital experience, commerce, cloud and enterprise technology platforms.

AWS Consulting Partner
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PennyWise is an integral part of our development team. We have worked together for a number of years and have consistently been impressed with the speed and dedication that they have applied to every task. The internal structure has meant we have the benefits of an internal team with the bonus of a massive amount of additional resource to call on when our needs dictate it (which they have on more than one occasion).

Testimonial User

- Rob Harlow Jaak Systems, UK

We have worked with PennyWise Solutions for over five years and look forward to working with them for many more. The best testament we can give is that they are true to their company name. They are and have been a valued business partner, fulfilling a very important part of our business. They are conscientious and understanding when delivering costs and solutions to our system requirements. They have completed all our projects on time and never let us down.

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- Chris U'dell Business & Domestic Insurance Services, UK

I first worked with PennyWise on a build for an internal app to help us audit client production needs. They were able to take a crude spreadsheet we provided and turn it into an app which is not only functional, but user-friendly and nice looking as well, which is important for us in a business which has a large aesthetic component. We were so impressed with the response and value we got from them that we're also migrating projects formerly handled by internal developers to PennyWise.

Testimonial User

- Kelly Olafson Vice President - Operations, Ogilvy & Mather Asia/Pacific

The team at PennyWise are professional, hard-working, and deliver a great product. We've hired them to do a variety of development projects and have always found the results to be great. Highly recommended.

Testimonial User

- Tim Ogilvie Early stage internet entrepreneur

I just wanted to let you know the team has been doing a consistently ***GREAT*** job since my last visit to Hyderabad. If we were playing cricket, the team has batted one 6 after another.

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- IT Director Wireless Device Management Company, USA

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