How can brands improve their UX design for maximum conversion rate?
07May 2021

How can brands improve their UX design for maximum conversion rate?

Every business that has a digital storefront will want to attract more customers, convert them and earn their loyalty. But most websites or apps fail in persuading visitors to become customers. This is where UX design plays a vital role. A great UX design helps enhance user engagement by creating a more engaging experience. A speedy, seamless, and aesthetically appealing UX can help your website stand out, improve its accessibility, and boost conversion rates.

UX and its Importance

UX or User Experience encompasses all aspects that your customer or visitor experiences while navigating and interacting with your website or mobile application. UX design is the process of enhancing the usability, accessibility, findability, credibility and desirability of a website to improve user satisfaction and consequently the conversion rate.
But a good UX design is much more than fancy design elements and eye-catching layouts. UX design components include usability, interaction design, visual design, and information architecture. Relevant, predictable, and well researched UX design can instantly capture the user’s attention, enhance his/her browsing experience, boost traffic to the webpage, improve conversions and ROI.

Impact of Good and Bad UX on Conversion rates.

Data from Google PageSpeed Insights have shown that over 79% of online visitors will not revisit the website if they notice poor website performance. And even worse, 44% will mention the poor UX design to a friend. This means that if your page takes more than a few seconds to load or has a poor UX design, it will cost you a valuable conversion. Better the page speed, better the Google ranking for your website, greater the conversions.
In 12 case studies undertaken by HubSpot, it was found that reduced page load time increased conversions from 3% to around 17%.

  • Research by Forrester shows that every $1 invested in UX brings in a return of $100 or an ROI of 9,900%.
  • A well-designed UX can raise website conversion rates by 400%
  • If UX design is diverted towards customer retention by just 5%, a business can boost its profits by 25%
  • 23% of customers who had a positive UX experience mentioned it to at least 10 people.
  • An enhanced UX improves customer experience and uplifts conversion rates up to 83%.
  • 8 out of 10 customers are willing to pay more for better UX design and user experience.

Ways in which UX Design can Boost Conversion Rate

Here are some ways in which you can design your UX to convert leads into sales and visitors into buyers:

1. Design a clear Call to Action

Call to Actions (CTAs) are those buttons given on a website that guide the users towards conversion. Common CTAs sign up for a service, start a trial, download an app, and so on. Using a clear and attractive CTA button enhances the user experience and conversion rate of any website. The CTA feature must be a part of every page of the website at strategic points.

A few things you must keep in mind about CTA’s are:

  • Use the appropriate color for the CTA. Use contrasting colors and colors that stand out from the rest of the web page’s color scheme.
  • The text on the CTA must be subtle, yet strong enough to prompt the user to take action.
  • The word limit for the CTA text must be less than 5.

2. Provide precise information subtly

Use bullet points and segregate information into smaller chunks to catch the user’s attention and help them quickly get the information that they are looking for. By curating your content in a precise and succinct manner, you can ensure that it is actually being read and not just skimmed through.

3. Use Visual Cues to initiate Action

The use of visual elements is another powerful UX design technique. Visual cues in the form of a “play video” button or “scroll down for more” button will be instantly recognized by the user and he will be encouraged to interact with the interface.

4. Maintain Consistency in messaging

There must be consistency in UX design across web pages to ensure that the brand message is retained in the minds of the users. Your UX design must speak the user’s language consistently. Consistent messaging brings in return customers, positive brand experiences and conversions. Keep the content relevant and updated so that loyal customers will get what they expect from a website.

5. Make efforts to understand consumer behavior

The key to an optimal UX design is to gain a proper understanding of how users are navigating and what they are clicking. Understanding user behavior provides valuable insights into what the users will expect when they arrive on your website or app.

6. Ensure quick page loading time

The main reason why users abandon a web page is its slow loading time. Research says that if a page takes more than 2 seconds to load, the user gets frustrated and moves to another website. Based on the loading time of your website, users also decide whether to access your website in the future or not.
You can use tools such as Google’s PageSpeed Insights to test if your website delivers quick results. Page load speed must be optimized not just for desktops but for mobile devices as well. Optimized and fast loading websites drive the users to linger more on the page and increase the chances of their conversion to customers.

7. Optimize UX in Shopping page.

Most visitors visit websites to shop online, and it is vital to offer them a superior user experience. The following things must be kept in mind to ensure a positive experience while shopping and check out:

  • Ensure legibility of your content across devices and platforms.
  • Ensure that the check-out process on online shopping platforms is simple and hassle-free for the users.
  • Keep the website interaction with the user-intuitive and innovative so that they will spend more time on the page.

Final thoughts

Exceptional user experience does not end with just providing the required information to the users. The information must be offered in an engaging and interesting manner. However excellent your product or service may be, it must reach the users and catch their attention. Invest technology and resources in creating an engaging UX design and be rest assured, your website will steadily generate more traffic and elevate the conversion rates.
At PennyWise, our UX experts work with you to align your user’s requirements with your website offering and craft a UX strategy that deliver results.


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