Making the Best of Sitecore Forms
24Jan 2020

Making the Best of Sitecore Forms

The Multiple Facets Of Sitecore Forms

Website forms are a great way to collect relevant information about website users and understand their needs better. This also gives them information about their users that can be used in accurate places by the website's owner. Since the user willingly gives this information to the owner, he or she is free to use that information wisely.

Sitecore is extensively used by various leading enterprises because of its DXP platform that makes it easy and convenient to create innovative forms. They have a wide range of template options which cuts down the time of business owners and helps you focus on the most important thing, your business. And most importantly, Sitecore provides well-detailed analytics about the form data, so that you can efficiently monitor the performance of the forms.

Here are some of the main features of Sitecore Forms that will help you boost your business:

Creating Detailed Multi-Paged Forms

Sitecore is a highly efficient software that helps you create multi-paged and detailed forms to collect all the relevant information. It allows the user to participate in the survey at any page and gives him/her the freedom to pause the survey at any point. It is more convenient for the user to go through the form and easily verify his or her details.

Though single-paged forms are great for small subscriptions, multi-paged forms are better for more detailed and accurate information. They can be used for much detailed collection and performance-related surveys. These forms are also used for categorised subsections.

We, at Pennywise Solutions, have joined hands with Sitecore, WordPress, and Sharepoint to provide the best marketing and development solutions to our clients. Our up-to-date analytics and digital marketing schemes are timely reconditioned as per the demands of our clients because creating the best strategy for a website is what we aim for.

Using Pre-Saved Templates

Sitecore has introduced the amazing template feature which is extremely convenient for the reuse of the same form. For example, with the help of templating, feedback forms can be duplicated and modified a little bit to target different demographics.

Templates can be very beneficial for companies, as they not only reduce labour, but also help them get one-click access to aesthetically pleasing customised forms. It also reduces the chances of making faults, or missing out information as the forms are already being tested.

Easy Management

Sitecore forms have easy drag and drop features that can be used to create long and detailed forms easily. This makes creating surveys easy and fast. The user can drop down lists, fill in blanks or checkboxes with just a few clicks. The Sitecore software also has settings that can be used to set limits for your surveys and must fill blanks. The best explanation for this is by creating contact forms and forms to get your user’s feedback.


The last important feature that the Sitecore software offers its users is the use of categorisation in its forms. The software offers colour-coded categorising options that can be used to set priorities and different flags as per requirement. This is why it is highly efficient for companies to categorise their data.

Different colour codes can also be used to divide different data and style the form accordingly. Companies can also use these schemes to track the performance and appeal of different services.

With the help of Sharepoint, the marketing team can create well-detailed forms and documents. Moreover, with the help of Wordpress analytics, they can track the performance of these forms and create better marketing strategies.

Make Good Use Of Sitecore Forms

Sitecore is continuously improving as software. There has been a constant growth in the number of websites that are integrating these forms to track their data and understand their user’s preferences. With the correct use of these features,  companies can create amazing detailed forms to get the best of their services.

Companies have strengthened their marketing strategies by creating smart and innovative forms to record data better. Get in touch with us at PennyWise to discuss how we can help your business on your Sitecore requirements.


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PennyWise is an integral part of our development team. We have worked together for a number of years and have consistently been impressed with the speed and dedication that they have applied to every task. The internal structure has meant we have the benefits of an internal team with the bonus of a massive amount of additional resource to call on when our needs dictate it (which they have on more than one occasion).

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- Rob Harlow Jaak Systems, UK

We have worked with PennyWise Solutions for over five years and look forward to working with them for many more. The best testament we can give is that they are true to their company name. They are and have been a valued business partner, fulfilling a very important part of our business. They are conscientious and understanding when delivering costs and solutions to our system requirements. They have completed all our projects on time and never let us down.

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- Chris U'dell Business & Domestic Insurance Services, UK

I first worked with PennyWise on a build for an internal app to help us audit client production needs. They were able to take a crude spreadsheet we provided and turn it into an app which is not only functional, but user-friendly and nice looking as well, which is important for us in a business which has a large aesthetic component. We were so impressed with the response and value we got from them that we're also migrating projects formerly handled by internal developers to PennyWise.

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- Kelly Olafson Vice President - Operations, Ogilvy & Mather Asia/Pacific

The team at PennyWise are professional, hard-working, and deliver a great product. We've hired them to do a variety of development projects and have always found the results to be great. Highly recommended.

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- Tim Ogilvie Early stage internet entrepreneur

I just wanted to let you know the team has been doing a consistently ***GREAT*** job since my last visit to Hyderabad. If we were playing cricket, the team has batted one 6 after another.

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- IT Director Wireless Device Management Company, USA

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