Magento Development Services

Magento Enterprise Edition is an enterprise grade commerce platform designed for merchants to deliver engaging omni-channel and multiple device friendly storefront experiences to customers. Unlike the freely available Magento Commnunity edition, the enterprise edition is a premium version that is supported by full time support. Significantly, the enterprise edition has a lot more performance and marketing-oriented functionality and is built to handle large product catalogs seamlessly.

Our Services

PennyWise has deployed Magento based solutions (including Enterprise & Community editions) for multiple e-Commerce clients. We can help your e-Commerce site go-to-market in quick time by offering end-to-end Magento development services ranging from custom configuration to third-party integration of add-ons.

Our services include:

  • Magento installation and maintenance
  • Customization & configuration
  • Design & CSS
  • ERP Integration with NAV & SAP
  • Shipment tracking integration
  • AWS CloudFront CDN
  • Shopzilla integration
  • Payment gateway integration

The Benefit to Clients

Compared to the free Community edition, Magento Enterprise is an enterprise grade web commerce platform with advanced security and performance features. Magento allows merchants to easily control and customize the look-and-feel and functionality of their online stores. With many third-party extensions to choose from, the functionality of the Magento platform can be also be extended in quick time.

Magento offers:

  • Flexibility to easily and rapidly create custom landing pages
  • Easy integration with back end CRM and ERP systems
  • Custom offers for select customers
  • Proven scalability to handle significant traffic volumes
  • Rapid go-to-market with ready availability of extensions