Microsoft Azure Consulting Services

Microsoft Azure is fast establishing itself as choice for business agility. Azure offers a whole suite of integrated cloud services such as computing, storage, database, networking, analytics and mobile among others. Microsoft’s cloud platform supports almost all the major operating systems, languages, tools and devices. The Azure cloud offers the best in terms of flexibility, simplicity and costs. Azure offers a scalable, flexible platform for businesses to build and run cloud-based solutions. The pay-as-you-go option delivers unparalleled performance and optimizes costs.

Our Services

  • Analyze the existing on-premise solution and help you migrate to Azure Cloud Platform.
  • Migrate the legacy systems and help you migrate the complete solution as-is to the Azure Cloud Infrastructure as a Service platform.
  • Architecting / Re-Architecting existing infra on Azure.
  • Enhance your existing Azure Cloud Infrastructure as a Service platform to Azure's Platform as a Service solution after doing a through feasibility study.
  • Lift and Shift(Cloud Migration of your existing system from another Cloud provider to Microsoft Azure Platform).
  • Cloud Load Assessment.
  • Cloud Infrastructure Architecture.
  • Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure Consulting.
  • Cloud Development Services integrated with existing solution.
  • Cloud Services Optimization.
  • DevOps and continuous integration.
  • Cloud Technical Support & Training.

The Benefit to Clients

PennyWise Solutions is a Microsoft Azure partner and us primed to leverage Microsoft technologies along with other related popular open source frameworks for your business. Our large agile Azure practice team backed by a round the clock cloud infrastructure services support team ensures that you get the best out of your cloud investment.