Native & Hybrid Applications

Our Services

Native apps are applications built entirely using platform specific code, which is, iOS SDK for iPhone, Android SDK for Android, .NET for Windows, etc. These applications can be discovered and downloaded from app stores. We can help you deploy mobile applications for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows smartphones and tablets.

Hybrid apps are part-HTML5 web apps and part-native apps. Like native apps, hybrid apps can be downloaded from app stores and can take advantage of many device features such as access to the camera, address book, accelerometer, app store wallets, etc. And like web apps, hybrid apps are built using HTML5 for some or most of its components. We deliver cross-platform applications through PhoneGap, Sencha Touch and Application Craft development frameworks.

The Benefit to Clients

  • With complete access to device features, native apps allow for building the richest possible user experience and for the most optimal performance of your application.
  • Hybrid apps are easier to maintain as there is only one codebase to deal with. Consequently, hybrid apps are more cost-effective than native apps.
  • By integrating strong mobile architecture expertise with good security and user experience design practices, we provide the blueprint for a strong mobile solution.
  • From deploying your applications to the market place to maintaining and upgrading your mobile applications, we provide full post-deployment support services to ensure your mobile applications stay relevant in a hyper-changing mobile technology environment.