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10 Proven Tactics To Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate

10 Proven Tactics To Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate

With growing internet usage, the online shopping experience has become easier, more convenient and attractive. However, the ease of online shopping has made the customers more demanding towards these services. E-stores are thus compelled to join a competitive race to give the customers the best services as quickly and efficiently as possible.

A customer's shopping cart bridges the gap between shopping and buying. However, not all online retail browsers are buyers. The online shopping experience can be interrupted by many factors at various stages of purchase that can be both objective and subjective. One problem that any e-business comes across is how to reduce the shopping cart abandonment rate.

According to research statistics by Baymard Institute, more than 65% of online shopping carts are abandoned. This brings to the forefront another vital statistic: the average online conversion rate is just a little over 2 %!

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