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How we helped one of the world’s largest automotive retailers save 31% in operating costs
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How we helped one of the world’s largest automotive retailers save 31% in operating costs

The Background

The client is a Fortune 500 company and one of the world’s largest automotive retailers having its presence in 33 locations in 7 US states and a portfolio of 16 automotive brands.

The Problem

  • They wanted to build a portal that could digitize the automobile buying process for all user types and make the buying experience more convenient, less time consuming and overwhelming. In short, a platform that would not only address all needs of a prospective customer, but also make consumer journey smoother
  • The above challenge in some way also encapsulates the purpose driven vision of the company. The objective being to build a company that is regarded as a fully integrated, sustainable solution enterprise
  • They very well knew that the above visionary spirt can only be achieved if all customer digital journeys are hyper-personalized and data-driven

The Solution

  • A digital audit revealed dozens of heterogenous technologies that were implemented to cater to specific needs of each business unit, with limited compatibility throughout. Such a disintegrated digital state made it impossible to capture learnings and best practices.
  • And now with the onset of the pandemic, 90% of consumers chose to start their Automobile buying journey online. The above scenario was just not conducive to kick-start development of the defined vision.
  • We were cognizant of the fact that introduction of any additional step in the buying process would result in losing 30-50% of potential buyers.
  • After a lot of brain-storming with all stake holders, we proposed building of an aligned tech stack that would allow the brand to better connect the shopping and buying experience of their end users and to better support their dealers and retail partners.

The Result

Achieved higher conversion rates

31% savings in global development and operating cost to date

Significantly increased overall user satisfaction

The website supports 37M+ website visits annually + 52M+ API data calls

Increase in sessions

22.8% Growth in trackable digital revenue

Resolved performance issues

This implementation will also bring down the number of Managed issues from 1800 to 650 and resolution time from 50 mins to 27 mins

Technology Stack

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