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Online Travel Website

The Background

Our client is an online travel website that helps end-users book hotel stays, airline trips, car rentals and other value-added travel services. The client had a legacy application that needed to be scaled up to handle an increase in web traffic and orders. Moreover, the administrative backend needed to support operational and marketing efforts such as inventory updates and the running of ongoing promotions.

The Challenge

  • As the previous application was customized and built on top of a legacy framework, the identification of performance bottlenecks in the application proved to be a major challenge.
  • Due to lack of application documentation, the team had to review the code to understand the functionality of various features.
  • The project management team had to work with multiple third party travel API providers across a number of different time zones and manage technical interactions with their respective teams.

The Solution

The PennyWise engineering team worked on troubleshooting critical issues on the current website and worked on building a more scalable web application. While a complete performance tuning was carried out to identify application and capacity bottlenecks, a sophisticated security audit helped identify strategies to make the application more secure. A report was provided with details of efforts, complexity, ROI and recommendation levels so that the client can prioritize the activities related to performance tuning and security testing.

In parallel, the application was studied and a plan was made to integrate third party hotel inventory and flight reservation systems. After an impact analysis to determine the various affected modules, PennyWise developed the appropriate web services to accommodate these third party systems on the new and improved website.

The Result

Resolved performance issues

Resolved performance issues in the current website and improved the response time of the website by 30%.

Reduced website downtime

Reduced website downtime by 96%.

Improved inventory update

Improved inventory update cycle time by introducing optimized features to update hotel and flight inventory.

Enhanced ability

Enhanced ability to update the inventory easily without affecting the performance of the website.

Technology Stack

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